Wall Street 2
The trailer for Oliver Stone’s new movie Money Never Sleeps also known as Wall Street 2 is out.

The cut trout shark Gordon Gecko is back from a hefty prison sentence, and is a continuation of where the first movie left off.

The film takes place 23 years after the original, revolving around the 2008 stock market crash. The film’s plot mainly centers around Gekko acting as more of an antihero rather than a villain and follows his attempts to help Wall Street before its soon-to-be stock market crash as well as trying to repair his relationship with his daughter Winnie with the help of Jacob, Winnie’s fiance. In return, Gekko helps Jacob get revenge on the man he blames for his mentor’s death.

Wannabe Gordon Gekko are flocking to the pre-screening. The release date is 23 April 2010.

The trailer: