Flying cheap
Quote:”I don’t travel first class. We’re too cheap, and try to save money where we can. That means I usually travel coach or business class.”

Frequent questions when out flying
Quote: “I have learned to cope with airline security, check-ins and some inevitable questions. The first: “Is that your real name?” The second: “Are you related to that Trump?” Third: “How can I get on ‘The Apprentice?’””

A lot of people try to make conversation with Don Jr. and it is not always easy when just trying to relax or listen to his iPod. But usually if people asks he tries to be nice and give some real advice. Quote: “By nature, I’m not a rude guy. So if someone asks me real estate questions, I do try to listen and give some insight, even if I’d just rather listen to my iPod, catch up on some reading or sleep.”

The Bomb
Don Jr. was also held up in security at an airport once for having an alarm clock that looked like a bomb. Quote: “The T.S.A. agents called in the state police. It took them only five minutes to figure out that I was indeed carrying an alarm clock. One of the officers spoke to the gate agent on my behalf, while I was being held, sockless and shoeless, in the screening line. The whole alarm clock affair took about 25 minutes.”