Maurizio Gucci born 1948, and gunned down March 27, 1995. As you probably hunch from the name he was part of the famous family that built the Gucci fashion house.

The Gucci Company
Gucci was originally a saddlery and leather goods store in Florence Italy. Guccio Gucci founded the House of Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence in 1906 and quickly grew because of it quality and craftsmanship. The company moved from leather to luxury goods with great success. It was a high end brand for the rich.

The Gucci company remained a world leader until the late 1970s, when the company started to license the Gucci brand, and what was known as quality and high end slipped to be available to the common. At the time the company was held by the brothers Aldo and Rodolfo and controlled an equal 50% share of the company.

Rodolfo’s death in 1983 caused a major shakeup in the company when he left his 50% stake in Gucci to his son, Maurizio Gucci. Maurizio had a vision to turn the company back to it’s former glory and restore the high end image of Gucci. Through much back and forward Maurizio managed to get the other family members to sell out to Investcorp (an Arab investment group).

The turnaround takes a serious cut into the earnings and in 1990 the Gucci company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Maurizio is forced to sell out his stake to Investcorp. From that on there was no Gucci family left in the Gucci company. Since the turnaround of the mid-1990s Gucci has continued to prosper as an influential fashion house and a highly profitable business operation.

1987-89 Investcorp acquires a 50% interest from members of the Gucci family.
1993 Investcorp acquires the remaining 50% interest from Maurizio Gucci.

Patrizia Reggiani
Maurizio Gucci had a wife, Patrizia Reggiani, she was notoriously greedy. She had been some of the driving force to get Maurizio to take control and try to turn over the company. From the booming 80’s she had been one of the high class fashion woman in Florence. Maurizio Gucci divorced Patrizia Reggiani at some point around 1990. The shrinking fortune of Maurizio meant shrinking allowance for her divorced wife. The selling of the company meant a defeating blow to Patrizia Reggiani which no longer had any association to the fashion company. Patrizia Reggiani was no longer a filthy rich wife and she was no longer a personality in the fashion world.

On March 27, 1995 Maurizio was gunned down.

Patrizia Reggiani was known for saying “I’d rather cry in Rolls-Royce than laugh on a bicycle”.

It took two years from the killing happened to the arrest of Patrizia Reggiani and the people that helped her.

When she got arrested the police had to let her get dressed, and then she was arrested wearing a fur coat.

His ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani was later convicted of arranging the killing, jailed in 1998. The court verdict for the widow was a 26-year imprisonment. In 2000 Patrizia tried to commit a suicide by hanging herself with a lace, but was rescued.