Redbook Survey

A chain-store sales index that tracks 15 retail stores every week to determine the change in sales. The report is month to date where: the first week of the month is compared to the previous month; the second week compares the first two weeks of the month to the previous month, and so on. The Redbook survey has a somewhat better track record for predicting chain store sales than the Mitsubishi Index in the monthly retail sales report.

Note that the release times for these private surveys are the official embargo times. The releases are provided to subscribers much earlier and typically leaked to the rest of the market long before these official release times. Mitsubishi is typically leaked by 8:00 ET, and the Redbook survey is usually known in the market by 14:15 ET.

Importance (A-F): D+.

Source: LJR Redbook

Release Time: 14:55 ET each Tuesday (data in the form of a running monthly total for the week ended prior Saturday).



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