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Thumbnail Keyword is a php script that generates thumbnails from any given keyword. The thumbnail is the first image that Bing's image search returns for the keyword.

To use it you just put inside your html code <img src="/image.php?k=your-keyword" >

This is particularly useful on pages that are updated very frequently like blogs or news pages where you do not always have time to generate a relevant thumb. A relevant thumbnail next to the article makes it look very professional and appealing to read.

Requirements: web server that can run PHP. Tested with PHP 5, may work with PHP 4. You need a Mysql server with an account on it. It must be possible to make outgoing http request on your web server, but that should be nothing special.

  • It features caching in Mysql database so it will not flood Bing's servers for each request. And only make requests to Bing for images that are not in the database.
  • It features hotlink protection.
  • You can select which image in the search result you want to use. Useful if the first image is not great and you want another.

You have to pay to get this script. 15 USD with Paypal to . And you will get an email with a download link within 24 hours.

Rss feed with announcements about new versions.

Example of the script in action for the keyword: Sarah Palin (She really sells PHP scripts...)