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  3. License terms

The following license terms for the thumbnail script. It should be easy enough to use and at the same time reserve some rights.

Copyright: This code is copyrighted Jon Berg. When paying an initial $10 fee. As described on:
You are given permission to use it on all web sites you are working on, or websites
you are making and selling.
You are given permission to modify the program as you see fit. And then use it on the 
web sites are working on, or websites you are making and selling.
The modified script should include this copyright noticed unmodified. 
You are not allowed to resell or redistribute the script stand alone. It must be 
part of a website you are selling or maintaining.
So you are not allowed to make a website that just re-sells this script, 
or the modified version of the script.
When something changes and a new version has to be made, 
you have to pay another $10 to get
the new updated version of this script.
Disclaim: You use this software on your own risk, 
there are no guarantees for this software.