Donald Trump advices ‘American Chopper’ dad: Don’t leave your son a dime
There has been a long feud between Senior and Junior at American Chopper. Paul Teutul Sr. can be seen at the current Celebrity Apprentice (Season 12).
Why his sons hates Paul Teutul Sr. the Internet says little about.

Paul Teutul Sr: “Paulie worked for me for 20 years,” Paul Sr. told Trump while trying to explain the family rift. “The day I made him a millionaire, he told me to go (bleep) myself.”

Donald Trump’s advice is clear. Don’t leave your son a dime.
“Don’t leave him anything,” Trump said. “Don’t leave him 10 cents. You understand? Don’t even leave him 10 cents.”
“There’s nothing better than family when it works in business and there’s nothing worse when it doesn’t.”