The kids as an extension of the Trump Brand

Donald is obviously proud of his kids. While other rich heirs party it out, the Trump kids are obviously aware that a lot of people are watching every move they make, and if they do something stupid it reflects on the dad, and ultimately it is bad for business.

How did Donald raise his kids to be good rich kids

Quote: “It�s not entirely clear how his offspring forged their work ethic, or why they should possess one at all, but Mr. Trump Sr. has a theory: I think I’ve always been a great father. Not a good father � a great father. I think I haven’t always been a great husband, but I’ve been a great father. Another theory is that the family just hasn’t been extravagantly wealthy for long enough to take its fortune for granted.

But the Trump children expect to be underestimated, and even seem to relish it. I love it from a business perspective, said Don Trump. Oh, Donald Trump’s kid, he must be an idiot, a loser, cause he’s just another spoiled rich kid. Then you take that and use that as leverage.”